Social Science Class 10 Value Based Questions

VBQs for Class 10

Students should refer to the below provided VBQ For Class 10 Social Science with answers. These value questions and answers have been prepared by expert teachers of Class 10 Social Science. All value based problems and solutions have been designed based on the latest syllabus and examination pattern issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. It is important for students to understand class 10 Social Science case based value questions with solutions. These important questions and answers are expected to come in exams and will help you to get more marks.

Chapter 1 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Chapter 2 Nationalism in India
Chapter 3 The Making of a Global World
Chapter 4 The Age of Industrialisation
Chapter 5 Print Culture and the Modern World

Contemporary India II – Geography

Chapter 1 Resources and Development
Chapter 2 Forest and Wildlife Resources
Chapter 3 Water Resources
Chapter 4 Agriculture
Chapter 5 Minerals and Energy Resources
Chapter 6 Manufacturing Industries
Chapter 7 Lifelines of National Economy

Democratic Politics II – Civics

Chapter 1 Power-sharing
Chapter 2 Federalism
Chapter 3 Democracy and Diversity
Chapter 4 Gender, Religion and Caste
Chapter 5 Popular Struggles and Movements
Chapter 6 Political Parties
Chapter 7 Outcomes of Democracy
Chapter 8 Challenges to Democracy

Understanding Economic Development – Economics

Chapter 1 Development
Chapter 2 Sectors of The Indian Economy
Chapter 3 Money and Credit
Chapter 4 Globalization and The Indian Economy
Chapter 5 Consumer Rights

VBQ for Class 10 Social Science is an important part of the examination. These Class 10 Social Science VBQ with solutions with help you to understand all the important concepts and topics in NCERT Class 10 Social Science books. These value based MCQ questions for each chapter given above should be learned by each student. Teachers normally ask questions in standard 10 Social Science exams from the problems and solutions given on our website. You should carefully go through all the chapter-wise links for Social Science Standard 10 given above.