Assignments For Class 3

Assignments Assignments for Class 3

Assignments for Class 3 have been developed for Standard 3 students based on the latest syllabus and textbooks applicable in CBSE, NCERT and KVS schools. Parents and students can download the full collection of assignments for class 3rd from our website as we have provided all topic-wise assignment free in PDF format which can be downloaded easily. Students are recommended to do these assignments daily by taking printouts and going through the questions and answers for Grade 3. You should try to do these test assignments on a daily basis so that you are able to understand the concepts and details of each chapter in your book and get good marks in class 3rd exams.

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Assignments For Class 3 Subjects Practice

Some important features of our free printable Assignments for Class 3 All Subjects

ALPHABET ASSIGNMENTS – Help Students in improving the understanding of alphabets such as upper and lowercase letter recognition, letter tracing and handwriting, Missing letters alphabet, learning color words.

ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE ARTS ASSIGNMENTS – This section includes phonics and CVC words activities. Spring beginning sounds, ending sounds, beginning sounds cut and paste Assignments, CVC word search for kindergarten, vowel practice sheets, word match Assignments and missing vowel Assignments for kindergarten. You will also find Dolch sight words for kindergarten – all 52 words.

MATH ASSIGNMENTS PDF – These Assignments include learning with ten frames, addition and subtraction, place value and fact families, geometry, size comparison, and more. Greater than less than Assignments, making 5 math Assignments, Sorting pumpkins and fall leaves by size, practice the fact families up to 10, Length comparison cut & paste activity.

SHAPES ASSIGNMENTS – Shape book to learn and recognize eight basic shapes with a fun tracing and coloring book, Spot and dot shapes, Reindeer shapes Assignments which helps in shapes recognition practice, rainbow shapes color by number, 2D shapes 3D shapes Assignments, children will sort 2d and 3d shapes, as well as work on 3d shapes characteristics and tracing shapes worksheet.

ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION ASSIGNMENTS Ten frame addition to 10 Assignments, Addition and subtraction word problems, Word problems for addition and subtraction from 10, Dot marker addition to 10, Addition and subtraction within 5 fast facts, Dot marker subtraction within 10 Assignments.

GRAPHING ASSIGNMENTS FOR KINDERGARTEN – Winter graphing and counting pumpkins, leaves, or acorns, they are all there to be counted, Bakery I spy and graph – pretzels, pies, and cupcakes, all ready to be counted, a great Easter activity to practice counting, visual discrimination, and graphing, all in one, Free printable Halloween I spy game

TELLING TIME ASSIGNMENTS – Telling time to the hour Assignments – learn to read and write time with analog and digital clocks, quarter past, quarter to and half past – more advanced telling time Assignments!

PATTERNS ASSIGNMENTS – ABC pattern Assignments – fun Assignments for teaching patterns, draw and color pictures to make patterns, enjoy the sweet pictures while making patterns, Do-A-Dot Marker patterns – use the bingo daubers to copy and make patterns and colorful birthday patterns full of balloons, presents, and treats.

COUNTING ASSIGNMENTS – Teach counting to 10 and 20, Counting backward Assignments – count from 100, 50, 20, and 10 all the way to number 1, Count and match Assignments 1-20 – count the pictures and match them with the correct number, Counting to 10 number Assignments – numbers 1 to 10 Assignments packed with learning, Skip counting snails Assignments – enjoy this spring printable while skip counting by numbers all the way up to 10, Counting beads: Skip counting Assignments for kindergarten – learn to skip count with cute beads and Counting backward from 100 to1

COUNTING WITH TEN FRAMES ASSIGNMENTS  Snowflake ten frames counting – count the snowflakes, write the number, and color the ten frames, fall counting Assignments with five and ten frames – ten frame practices for the fall, counting stars: Ten frame Assignments for kindergarten – a fun ten frame practice activity, Blank ten frame templates – get these free templates for use with stickers or manipulatives

NUMBER CHARTS AND NUMBER LINES ASSIGNMENTS – Kindergarteners will work on their numbers 1-10 and numbers 1-20 but also working all the way up to 100. Counting to 100: Free printable number charts, Number line to 20 Assignments, 100 Number Line.

CONNECT THE DOTS ASSIGNMENTS – You will find activities such as dot-to-dots, spot and dot numbers, color by number, number order puzzles, missing numbers, and more! Number words 1-20 Assignments, Snowman dot to dot letters and numbers, Cat and dog dot to dot Assignments numbers 1-40, Dot to dot printables to 100 and connect the dots activity sheets (numbers 1-10).

WRITING NUMBERS ASSIGNMENTS – Tracing the numbers 1-10, Hen and eggs number and tracing Assignments, Free printable number tracing Assignments 1-100, Numbers 1-20 tracing Assignments and tracing number words 1-10.

WRITING AND FINE MOTOR SKILLS ASSIGNMENTS – Help your students or kids with their fine motor skills with these tracing, writing, and cutting Assignments. Letter tracing: Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Ss, Tracing lowercase letters, Copy the letters Assignments, Days and months tracing Assignments, Fruit and vegetable coloring and tracing pages, back to school tracing sheets and free printable lined paper for handwriting practice

Some advantages of Free Assignments for Class 3

  1. Solving Assignments for Class 3rd helps to further enhance understanding of the topics given in your textbook which will help you to get better marks
  2. By solving one assignment given by your teacher for class 3 will help you to keep in touch with the topic thus reducing dependence on last minute studies
  3. You will be able to understand the type of questions which are expected in your class test
  4. You will be able to revise all topics given in the ebook for Class 3 as all questions have been provided in the question banks
  5. NCERT Class 3 Workbooks will surely help you to make your concepts stronger and better than anyone else in your class.
  6. Parents will be able to take print out of the assignments and give to their child easily.

All free Printable practice assignments are in PDF single lick download format and have been prepared by Class 3rd teachers after full study of all topics which have been given in each chapter so that the students are able to take complete benefit from the worksheets. The Chapter-wise question bank and revision assignments can be accessed free and anywhere. Go ahead and click on the links above to download free CBSE Class 3rd Assignments PDF.

Where can I download free Assignments for Class 3 ?

You can download free assignments for class 3rd from

I want free printable assignments with questions and answers for Class 3rd, where can I get them ?

You can get free PDF downloadable assignments for Grade 3 from our website which has been developed by teachers after doing extensive research in each topic.

Can I get assignment and question banks for other subjects in Class 3rd ?

On our website we have provided assignments for all subjects in Grade 3rd, all topic-wise test sheets have been provided in a logical manner so that you can scroll through the topics and download the worksheet that you want.

I want practice assignments for all topics in my Class 3rd Textbook, where can I get it ?

You can easily get question banks, topic wise notes and questions and other useful study material from without any charge

Are all assignments available for free and in PDF format ?

Yes all test papers for Class 3 are available for free, no charge has been put so that the students can benefit from it. And offcourse all is available for download in PDF format and with a single click you can download all assignments.

What is the best website to download free assignments for Class 1 to Class 12 for all subjects ? is the best portal to download all assignments for all classes without any charges.