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Kindergarten assignments are a great resource for preschool kids to get an understanding of basic education which is required for developing skills at a very young age.  We have given here the best collection of preschool, kindergarten, LKG, UKG assignments which can be easily downloaded in PDF format without any charge. All free assignments have the best collection of questions and answers which the young kids should practice to develop basic skills. Click on the link below to download the assignments of all categories absolutely free. Refer to the links below to download the free assignments

A to Z Flashcards Assignments Download PDF
Action Verbs Boys Edition Assignments Download PDF
Action Verbs Girls Edition Assignments Download PDF
Alphabet Picture Matching Assignments Download PDF
Before After Numbers Assignments Download PDF
Beginning Letter Sounds Assignments Download PDF
Blends Activity Assignments Download PDF
Blends Learning Assignments Download PDF
Capital Small Alphabet Matching Assignments Download PDF
Christmas Drawing Objects Assignments Download PDF
Coloring Book Medium Assignments Download PDF
Coloring by Numbers Assignments Download PDF
CVC Words Assignments Download PDF
Dot to Dot 1 to 10 Assignments Download PDF
English Grammar Vocabulary Assignments Download PDF
English Prepositions Assignments Download PDF
Greetings Assignments Download PDF
Halloween Assignments Download PDF
Learn to Spell Animals Assignments Download PDF
Match the Alphabets Assignments Download PDF
Math Worksheet Addition Carry Over Assignments Download PDF
Math Worksheet Assignments Download PDF
Missing Letters Assignments Download PDF
Number Tracing 1 to 10 Assignments Download PDF
Opposite Flash Cards Assignments Download PDF
Parts of the House Flash cards Assignments Download PDF
Puzzle Assignments Download PDF
Rhyming Words Assignments Download PDF
Shapes Activities Assignments Download PDF
Space and Planets Assignments Download PDF
Sports Assignments Download PDF
Tracing Assignments Download PDF
Transportation Assignments Download PDF
Writing Practice Assignments Download PDF
Yoga Brain Break Assignments Download PDF

Preschool assignments free download

Our pre-school teachers have done research on the type of skills that are required in preschool kids and the type of assignments which we should solve so that they can enhance their motor skills which will help them in the future.  We have brought here the biggest collection of Pre School assignments and worksheets Which have been developed by teachers for the benefit of preschool kids and their parents so that they can download the best quality assignments at a single click of a button in PDF format which can be easily printed and used offline. Parents can also use other useful content which has been provided by here to develop some basic understanding amongst the preschool kids and once they have explained the concepts then they can download the assignments and provide to their post they have understood the concept and they can use these assignments for practice.  It is always advisable that the students are sitting along with the parents when doing this assignment so that they don’t feel alone and feel being supported while being asked to solve various questions. You can click on any of the links above to download the assignments,  we have segregated the assignments based on different types of worksheets which are required to be solved by the students on a regular basis for the development of understanding and skills and can be very useful in future.

Some Benefits of Kindergarten Printable Worksheets/Assignments:

Worksheets help students in improving skills in language arts and math curriculum teaching letters, numbers, shapes, counting, phonics, sight words, and also puzzles, fine motor activities and so much more!

These free Kindergarten Printable Worksheets cover all areas of learning, with a focus on basic Math, Science, English, and writing skills. Some are full of color and illustrations; others are simple in order to avoid distraction.

In math worksheets, you’ll find topics such as learning numbers, counting, measurement, making patterns, addition and subtraction, basic shapes, and more. On the other hand, English worksheets include activity sheets which are perfect for teaching the alphabet, sight words, upper and lowercase letters, beginning sounds, and much more about the subject.

You will also get a variety of activity sheets to practice handwriting, fine motor skills, critical thinking, and even coloring pages. It will help children to work on their upper and lowercase letter recognition, letter tracing and handwriting, and other fun activities and printable.

Some important features of our Kindergarten Assignments – Free Printable Worksheets

ALPHABET ASSIGNMENTS Help Students in improving the understanding oh alphabets such as upper and lowercase letter recognition, letter tracing and handwriting, Missing letters alphabet, learning color words.

ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE ARTS ASSIGNMENTS This section includes phonics and CVC words activities. Spring beginning sounds, ending sounds, beginning sounds cut and paste worksheets, CVC word search for kindergarten, vowel practice sheets, word match worksheets and missing vowel worksheets for kindergarten. You will also find Dolch sight words for kindergarten – all 52 words.

MATH ASSIGNMENTS PDF – These worksheets include learning with ten frames, addition and subtraction, place value and fact families, geometry, size comparison, and more. Greater than less than worksheets, making 5 math worksheets, Sorting pumpkins and fall leaves by size, practice the fact families up to 10, Length comparison cut & paste activity.

SHAPES ASSIGNMENTS Shape book to learn and recognize eight basic shapes with a fun tracing and coloring book, Spot and dot shapes, Reindeer shapes worksheets which helps in shapes recognition practice, rainbow shapes color by number, 2D shapes 3D shapes worksheets, children will sort 2d and 3d shapes, as well as work on 3d shapes characteristics and tracing shapes worksheet.

ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION ASSIGNMENTS Ten frame addition to 10 worksheets, Addition and subtraction word problems, Word problems for addition and subtraction from 10, Dot marker addition to 10, Addition and subtraction within 5 fast facts, Dot marker subtraction within 10 worksheets.

GRAPHING ASSIGNMENTS FOR KINDERGARTEN – Winter graphing and counting pumpkins, leaves, or acorns, they are all there to be counted, Bakery I spy and graph – pretzels, pies, and cupcakes, all ready to be counted, a great Easter activity to practice counting, visual discrimination, and graphing, all in one, Free printable Halloween I spy game

TELLING TIME ASSIGNMENTS Telling time to the hour worksheets – learn to read and write time with analog and digital clocks, quarter past, quarter to and half past – more advanced telling time worksheets!

PATTERNS ASSIGNMENTS ABC pattern worksheets – fun worksheets for teaching patterns, draw and color pictures to make patterns, enjoy the sweet pictures while making patterns, Do-A-Dot Marker patterns – use the bingo daubers to copy and make patterns and colorful birthday patterns full of balloons, presents, and treats.

COUNTING ASSIGNMENTS – Teach counting to 10 and 20, Counting backward worksheets – count from 100, 50, 20, and 10 all the way to number 1, Count and match worksheets 1-20 – count the pictures and match them with the correct number, Counting to 10 number worksheets – numbers 1 to 10 worksheets packed with learning, Skip counting snails worksheets – enjoy this spring printable while skip counting by numbers all the way up to 10, Counting beads: Skip counting worksheets for kindergarten – learn to skip count with cute beads and Counting backward from 100 to1

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Where can i download the latest assignments for my pre-school kid ?

You can easily download free assignments in PDF format absolutely free from

I want free test sheets for LKG, UKG and Nursery kids which can help to develop thinking skills in my students, is there a website to get these free?

Yes, its easy to get the assignments and test sheets in easy printable format from our website, our teachers have developed the worksheets based on the latest teaching techniques available globally for young students

I want assignments and test papers for LKG students in my school but i have to take printout, where can I get them?

Have you tried, this is the best website where you can easily download and print without any restrictions and its amazing as everything for students is free

Kindergarten Printable Assignments PDF Download