Bhakti – Sufi Traditions Class 12 History Important Questions

Important Questions Class 12

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Class 12 History Important Questions Bhakti – Sufi Traditions

Very Short Answer Questions :

Question. Which Tamil text is known as Tamil Veda?
Answer: The Nalayira Divyaprabandham – composed by Alvar Saints. It is as important as Four Sanskrit Vedas.

Question. The term great and little traditions were coined by which sociologist ?
Answer: Robert Redfield

Question. The Virashaivas Movement in Karnatka led by which person ?
Answer: Basavanna.

Question. Who was Andal and Karaikkal Ammaiyar?.
Answer: Andal – Woman Alvar – She composed many poems.
Karaikkal Ammaiyar – devotee of Shiva.

Question. Who was Basavanna ?
Answer: Basavanna was a minister in the court of a Kalachuri Ruler and founder of Virashaivas tradition.

Question. Who was the founder of Chisti Silsilas ?
Answer: Shaikh Muinuddin Chisti .

Short Answer Questions :

Question. Describe the growth of Chishti Silsila of Sufism.
Answer: There were numerous orders of the Sufis in India.
– Eg, Chishti, Suharwardi, Qadiri, Naqshbandi etc.
– In India Chishti was most important order.
– They established themselves at Ajmer, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa and the Deccan.
– Shaikh Muinuddin Chishti – called the Khwaja was the first saint of Chishti order.
– Other important saints were Shaikh Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki, Shaikh Fariduddin Ganj-i-Shakar, Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya, Baba Farid etc.
– They converted the Hindus to Islam.
– They used the language of people to propogate the ideas.
– Establishment of Khanqahas – for meeting people.
– They spread Islam among lower castes also.
– Mullas were also popular.
– Sultans also granted rent free lands to the Khanqahs and to their Shaikhs.
– The textual traditions are written in several styles and languages.

Question. Describe the origin of Bhakti Movement.
Answer: Causes of the Origin of the Bhakti movement – Evil practices of the Hindus.
– Fear of spread of Islam.
– Influence of Sufi Sects.
– Influence of Vaishnavism.
– Emergence of great reformers – eg. Namdeva, Ravidas, Ramanand, Surdas, Tulsidas, Mirabai, Kabir etc.

Question. What were the main teachings of the Lingayats?
Answer: Against the caste system.
– Questionsed belief in the theory of rebirth.
– Not believed in Child marriages.
– Encouraged widow’s remarriage.

Question. Analyze the relations which existed between the Chisti Sufi Saints and the State.
Answer: Sufi Saints maintained distance from worldly affair, but accepted donations and grants from state.
– Kings set up charitable trust, gave tax free lands.
– Donation disbursed to meet their daily requirements.
– Donation was not used for personal use.
– Kings often needed the Support of the Sufi Saints for their decisions.
– Kings constructed their Tombs near Sufi shrines and Khanqahs.
– Both (The kings and Saints) expected certain established rituals to be performed. Eg. prostration, kissing of the feet.

Bhakti – Sufi Traditions Class 12 History Important Questions