Bholi Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to Chapter 9 Bholi Class 10 English Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 10 English based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 10 English for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 10.

Class 10 English Important Questions Bholi Chapter 9

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question. What filled Bholi, a dumb cow, with a new hope in her? 
Ans. Bholi teacher’s kind and loving gestures towards her filled her with a new hope of becoming a skilled human. Bholi s teacher told her that very soon, she would stop stammering and learn to read Like other girls of her age. 

Question. Do you agree that the teacher was an artist and Bholi was her masterpiece? Why/ why not?
Ans. Yes, I believe that the teacher was an artist and Shall was her masterpiece. Her teacher carved and shaped her strong and independent future Like an artist. The teachers Love, care and concern for her tu rned her form a shy insecure girl to an independent Lady. Bholis decision to call off her marriage with an old) greedy man was her teacher’s artwork that was finally completed.

Question. Why did the Tehsildar come to Ramlal’s village? What did he ask Ramlal to do?
Answer :
 The Tehsildar came to the village to perform the opening ceremony of the new primary school for girls that was being opened there. He asked Ramlal to set an example to villagers as he was a representative of the government, and send his daughters to school.

Question. Which character traits of Bholi have had an everlasting impression on you? Why?
Ans. Bholi’s immense strength to speak up at the most delicate time of her life had an amazing impression on me. She knew that Bisham her was a greedy man who wanted to ‘compensate’ far her pock -marked face. This land of cheap behaviour demanded the exact repercussion as She had made. The way she strongly stood far herself against the groom and the entire society norms inspired me a lot

Question. How did you feel when you read about Bholi being ignored and ill-treated by her parents as a child? 
Ans. feel really sad and disappointed at the fact that even her parents neglected and treated her in a bad way as she was a victim of mishaps. This ignorance led to a sense of fear, insecurities and inferiority in her. I believe she too deserved to be treated equally despite her dull mind and pock-marked face.

Question. Ramlal was worried about Bholi as she didn’t have good! looks. Counter the belief that it’s important for a girl to be good looking and give a reason for the same.
Ans. It is on old belief that for a girl to get married, it is very important to look pretty. Beauty and good looks have always been related to fair and smooth skin. However, it is not true. A girl should be educated and independent to get married. She should be a good homemaker rather than just being an eye-candy. 

Question. You’ve read the quote: “A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influences tops? In the context of this statement comment on the role of Bholi’s teacher in her Life.
Ans. Bholi’s teacher was the reason behind her extreme transformation from a shy insecure girl to a strong opinionated Lady. The teacher understood that Bholi needed Love and ‘special’ care as she was a differently-abled child. The teacher had instiLLed such confidence and strength in BhoU that not only did she overcome her fear and stammering but also took a stand at her marriage by refusing to marry the old greedy man for dowry.

Question. Bholi was fascinated by the walls of the classroom. Why?
Ans. The walls of the classroom had bright and colourful pictures of a horse, a goat, a parrot and a cow they all look familiar to Bholi and where like the ones in the village. That is why she was fascinated to see those pictures.

Question. How would you have reacted if you were one of the guests witnessing Bholi’s wedding when she refused to marry Bishamber Nath? 
Ans. If I were one of the guests witnessing Bholi’s wedding, Il would have felt proud of her. The decision that she took for her life was commendable. It would have inspired me to become strong and independent.

Question. Do you think Bholi’s father would have a greed to the match if her mother hadn’t insisted upon it? Why/Why not?
Ans. No, Bholi’s father would not have agreed to the match if her mother hadn’t insisted upon it. On receiving the proposal Ramlal thought that Bholi would reject it as the prospect was a fifty-year-old man. However, it was when his wife insisted that nobody else would marry Bholi that Ramlal agreed for the match.

Question. “If girls go to school, who will marry them? Inspite of this, Ram La I sent Bholi to school State the reason.
Ans. It was a belief in the olden times that it is difficult for the educated girls to get married. However, Ramhl decided to send Bholi to school because he thought chat Bholi was an ugly dumb girl who anyway won’t be able to get married to anyone.

Question. What happened to Bholi when she was two years old?
Ans. When Bholi was two years old, she got an attack of small-pox The disease affected her entire body. Leaving only her eyes. There were big black pock-marks Left all her body due to the disease.

Question. Bholi’s parents accepted the match for her though Bishamber Nath was nearly the same ageas her father. Bholi also accepted her parents’ decision without voicing her opinion.
(a) What does this tell you about the social conditions prevailing in our society? 
(b) How do you think these problems can be addressed?
Ans. (a) The acceptance of such an unsuitable proposal for Bholi by her parents tells us that girls Like Bholi who are dull and not good-looking, are treated as a burden even by their parents.
(b) These problems can only be addressed if the girls are educated. Once educated and independent the girls can voice their awn opinion in taking the important decisions of their lives.

Question. Should girls be aware of their rights and assert them? Should girls and boys have the same rights duties and! privileges? What are some of the ways in which society treats them differently? When we speak of’human rights’, do we differentiate between girls’ rights and boys’ rights?
Ans. Girls. rights are very significant lnfact girls form the back. Bone of the economy and it.s required that they are aware of their rights. They have always been exploited and have become victims of rage. The rights and duties are two faces of a coin. Right to equality, right to liberty, rights are very important for every girl. There should be equality between rights and duties of girls and boys. By making a distinction, we will be doing wrong. Althought that is meant to bring both the sexes to get equality. It is a must that girl.s education should be given a priority. If we are educating a girl we are educating the whole family.

Question. “Why was SuLekha later called ‘Bholi ?
Ans. When she was ten months old, she had fallen off the cot on her head and perhaps it had damaged some part of her brain. That was why she remained a backward child and came to be known as Bholi

Question. You and your friend have a conversation about the prevalent discrimination between boys and girls, even today.. Write the dia Logue.
You may begin like this:
Friend: I dont think discrimination in terms of gender is a thing of the past.
you: ……………………..
Friend: Yes, I agree. Though we are in the 21st century ft still continues in a blatant
manner in many parts of the country.
You: ……………………..
Ans. Friend: I don’t think discrimination in terms of gender is a thing of the past
You: Exactly. Even today one can see visible differences in bath the genders when it comes to Late night-outs or choice of professions. 
Friend: Yes, I agree. Though we are in the 21st century it still continues in a blatant manner in many parts of the country.
You: I believe things do not change on their own over time; one has to do something to change them. Education is the biggest weapon for girls. An educated girl will never compromise for anything Less.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Question. The chapter ‘Bholi’ highlights the discrimination against the girl child. Analyze this statement.
‘Nature does not discriminate, but society does’.
Answer :
From time immemorial the world has discriminated against the girl child. The chapter, ‘Bholi’ throws, up many instances. Ramlal’s sons go to school and college. His daughters are not educated because it would be difficult to marry them off.
Her mother does not think it necessary to take Bholi’s consent for her marriage. The groom is an old and lame widower. Still he demands dowry. Her father is ready to pay him. It is the girl herself who realizes that she is being demeaned and hence opposes the marriage. She raises her voice against the man’s undue demand and refuses to marry him. She is criticized and humiliated for standing up for her dignity. But she is firm and decides the course of her life. From the dumb cow and stammering fool, she transforms herself into a bold girl who is ready to speak her mind.

Question. Read the extracts given below and compare the personality of Bholi in both of them.
(A) “N-n-n-n NO. no-no-no,’ she shouted in terror and pulled her hand away from her father’s grip. “Whats the matter with you, you fool?” shouted Ramlal “I am only taking you to school? Then he told his wife, “Let her wear some decent clothes today, or else what will the teachers and the other school girls think of us when they see her?
(B) “For the sake of your izzat? said Bhali, “I was willing to marry this Lame old man. But I will not have such a mean, greedy and contemptible coward as my husband. I won’t I won’t, I won’t”
Ans. BhoLi’s personality in both the extracts is extremely opposite Bholi turned from a shy, and insecure girl to a strong and independent Lady education.
(A) Bholi was a dull child who used to stammer while speaking. She also had pock-marks all over her face. Her family used to- ill-treat her and ignore her completely. The children used to mock her for stammering so she talked very less. The bad treatment meted out to Bholi made her a child full of fear, insecurities and inferiority complex.
(B) As she grew up, Bholi turned out to be a strong confident lady who took a stand far herself at her wedding day. The education that she had had turned her from a shy and insecure child to a confident Lady. She boldly refused to marry a greedy old man. She loudly voiced her opinion and didn’t settle for something she didn’t want

Question. Imagine you are Bholi and you have been invited by a girl’s secondary school in another village to address a group of students about being independent fearless and breaking stereotypes. Write that speech.
Ans. Hello everybody!
My name is Bholi and today I am here amongst you all girls to tell you about the importance of being independent fearless and strong. I was bom as a very fair and a pretty child. But fatefully, when I was just ten months old, I fell off the cot and a part of my brain was damaged Then at the age of two I hud smallpox. It ruined my face with pock-marks I aka stammered as a child. One day, I met my teacher. She changed my Life. She taught me to read and I stopped stammering gradually. 
She turned me into on extremely courageous lady. When I grew up, my father fixed my marriage to a rich fifty-year-old mon who was very greedy. On the day of marriage, he asked far fifty thousand rupees as dowry to ‘compensate for my pock-marked face Then I decided to calL off the marriage and spend oil my life serving my parents and becoming a teacher myself. That fearless decision changed my life. I broke the stereotype of marrying an old greedy man just because I don’t look pretty. So, independence and fearLessness are important for breaking the stereotype. girls should be educated and never compromise for anything Less.

Question. How did education change Bholi’s personality? 
Ans. Bholi used to be a meek girl She had pockmarks on her entire body. Her brain was damaged
when she was just ten months old. She was also a slow Learner. She could not speak till she was five. Later, she suffered from stammering while speaking. She was sent to schooL just as formality. Her parents were not serious about her studies But her teacher changed her Life. She encouraged her to speak properly and to become independent She taught Bholi what was good and whot was bad and how to differentiate between the right and wrong? Education changed her personality completely.
Even then she behaved like an obedient girl and agreed to marry Bisha mber who was fifty years old. She couLd not stand his demand of dowry and hence, refused to fulfil his demand of five thousand rupees and denied marrying him. Thus, education changed her attitude towards life.

Question. On her first day at school Bholi’s teacher promised her – “People will Listen to you with respect and you will be able to speak without the slightest stammer. Did Bholi become what her teacher promised her to be? Elaborate with the help of examples from the text.
Ans. Bholi’s teacher was right when she said that peopLe would listen to her respectfully and she would stop stammering. Earlier, Bholi was considered an ugly and dumb child who would never be abLe to get married. However, after her teacher’s efforts and Love, Bholi turned from a shy insecure girl to a strong and confident lady. She stopped stammerin gi When she grew up, her father fixed her marriage to a rich fiftyyear- old man who was very greedy. On the day of marriage, he asked for fifty thousand rupees as a dowry to ‘compensate’ for Bholi’s pock-marked face. Due to this Bholi decided to call off the marriage and spend all her life serving her parents and becoming a teacher herself Her parents listened to her and the marriage was cancelled only because she was educated to take a stand for herself.

Question. Bishamber Nath was a greedy old man. He asked for fifty thousand rupees from Ramlal as a dowry to ‘compensate’ for his daughter’s pock-marked face. 
Imagine yourself as the writer of the story Bholi and write and imaginary conversation between Ramlal and Bishamber Nath when the latter asks for dowry.
Ans. Bishamber: Whaanaard This girl’s face is full of pock-marks. I can’t marry someone with such
disfigured face. 
Ramlal: No BishamberJLdorit say this. You are my daughter’s future. Her life will end if you won’t marry her We have a huge respect in the village. We will lose our honour if you refuse to marry my daughter.
Bishamber: You are a poor father. I understand Ramlal Okay, if you say so J will keep your respect Give me five thousand rupees as compensation then. I will manege it
Ramlal: Bishamber have spent all my savings on the wedding procedures. I have nothing Left to give you as dowry. Please don’t change your mind. Marry my daughter. She is innocent
Bishamber: I don’t care RamlaL Look at her face Who can marry her except me? If you wont your daughter to be married, give me the dowry I demand.