NeckLace Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to Chapter 7 NeckLace Class 10 English Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 10 English based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 10 English for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 10.

Class 10 English Important Questions NeckLace Chapter 7

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question. Why did Matilda not Like to visit her rich friend?
Ans. Matilda had inferiority complex. Whenever she visit her rich friend she felt dejected and disappointed because of her poverty. That is why she did not Like to visit her rich friend.

Question. Mention two things you would have done, other than what M. Loisel did. to help resolve the problem of the Lost n ecklace. 
Ans. I would have written the truth behind Losing the necklace, accepted my fault and apologized to Madame Frostier. I would have also thought of giving her another necklace as a gift whkh I could afford. 

Question. Mention one of the most pleasurable things, according to you, that money can’t buy and support your choice with an appropriate reason.
Ans. The most pleasurable thing that money can’t buy is satisfaction. A person can earn Loads of money and still be unsatisfied and unhappy. There might be a lack of understanding or Love between spouses which money can’t buy.

Question. How did M. Loisel try to make his wife happy?
Ans. M. Loisel had saved four hundred firancs to buy a gun to join some hunting parties the next
summer. The gun was to be used when he ?nd his friends went to shoot Larks. However, he tried to make his wife happy by offering to give her the saved four hundred! francs to buy an elegant dress.

Question. How did M. Loisel purchase the new necklace?
Ans. M. Loisel paid far the new necklace by taking a debt and contributing his eighteen thousand francs that he inherited from his father.

Question. Why did Matilda leave the ball in a hurry? What does it show about her character?
Ans. Matilda left the ball in a hurry because she didn’t want to face the other women as she had to cover herself in a modest wrap whereas the other women were wrapping themselves in rich furs. This shows that Matilda was a Lady full of pretence. She was ashamed to accept her reality. 

Question. Why was Matilda unhappy in her early married Life ? 
Ans. Matilda was married to a simple clerk who earned a moderate income. She was unhappy in her early married Life because she had rich dreams and lavish desires which her middleclass husband couldn’t fulfill 

Question. Mme Forestier writes a diary entry after having met Matilda knowing the truth and seeing the transformation in her friend.
Write a short diary entry as Mme Forestier about your encounter and how you felt. You may begin Like this.
20th July Monday 9:00 pm
I couldn’t recognise Matilda at all I wish she had told me the truth about the necklace.
Ans. 20th July, Monday  
I couldn’t recognise Matilda at all I wish she had told me the truth about the necklace. I can’t even imagine what hardships Matilda had to face over these ten years that her appearance changed drastically. I feel guilty of the fact that Mali La and her husband had to Live a life of extreme poverty for a necklace that wasn’t more than five hundred franca Only if Matilda had told me the truth of Losing the necklace, she wouldn’t have to go through this adversity. 

Question. Matilda’s husband excitedly brought homean invitation one evening. Explain.
Ans. One evening, Matilda’s husband brought home an invitation for both of them to attend a party at ? minister’s house. He was elated because he was one of the few clerks to get an invitation and also because he thought Matilda would be thrilled to get a chance to experience a lavish ball.

Question. Why do you think M. Loisel was a loving husband? 
Ans. M. Loisel was a Loving husband. He adored his wife a loti He wanted to see Matilda happy and made every effort to cheer her up. He also gave her four hundred francs that he had saved for himsetf to buy a hunting gun, to Matilda to buy a new dress.

Question. “Describe Mme Loisel’s success at the ball
Ans. Mme Loisel was the centre of attention at the ball. Her beauty, her grace, her joy and the gorgeous smile captivated all. Men sought to be presented to her. She danced happily at her conquest of all.

Question. Imagine you’re one of the columnists in a magazine. People write to you about their issues, seeking your advice.
Matilda writes to you about the guilt she feels for having lost a necklace and how it changed the course of her Life and her husband’s. What would be your advice to her?
Ans. I would advise Matilda to bring a sense of acceptance in her. Acceptance of reality is very  important to be happy and satisfied in life. Once a person accepts who she/he is and all the things that life offers her/him, nobody can drag her/him down. Matilda needed to accept the fact that she was destined to be bom in a poor family and get married to a simple clerk who couldn’t afford any riches.

Question. imagine Matilda got to know that M. Loisel had given her four hundred francs which he had saved to buy a gun. How do you think she would have reacted?
Ans. I think if Matilda would have known that Loisel had given her four hundred francs, she would still have spent that amount on buying herself a rich dress. Nothing other than luxury was precious to Matilda.

Question. Mme Loisel now knew the horrible life of necessity. Do you think Mme Loisel accepted this change willingly? Give two reasons in support of your answer.
Ans. Yes, after losing the necklace and seeing her husband taking all the responsibility atone to compensate far the loss, Matilda willingly accepted her fate. She cut down on her expenses and did away with her maid. She did all the household chores herself

Question. Matilda goes home after meeting Mme Forestier after ten years and shares the fact with M. Loisel that the necklace was a false one. Write the dialogue between Matilda and M. Loisel
Matilda: I don’t know how to tell you this but I met Mme Forestier today and she told me that her necklace was
M. Loisel: What! II can’t believe my ears. That huge debt was for nothing!
M. Loisel ………….
Ans. Matilda: I don’t know how to tell you this but I met Mme Forestier today and she told me that her necklace was a fake one. It was just an imitation neckLace worth around five hundred francs.
M. Loisel: What! I can’t believe my ears. That huge debt was for nothing! 
Matilda: Yes dear. I couldn’t believe it too when she told me this. She herself was shocked to Look at me and my drastically changed appearance. She couldn’t even recognize me.
M. Loisel: ALas! In all this struggle, my beautiful wife Lost her charm and I Lost all my savings.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Question. One of your friends has to attend a class party at his / her school and wants to purchase the most expensive clothes and shows. He/ She feels that this would make him/ her stand out in the crowd.
You receive a call from your friend seeking advice on this matter. Write down that telephonic conversation between your friend and yourself.
You may begin this way:
Friend: Hey. I want an honest opinion from you. Will you please help me?
You: ……………………….
Friend: So, there’s this class party I have to attend. It’s a big dieall
You: ……………………….
Ans. Friend: Hey. I want an honest opinion from you. Will you please help me?
You: Hey, Sure. Tell me what is it?
Friend: So. there’s this class party I have to attend, it’s a big deal! Now I want you to tell me that what I should buy so that I may stand out in the crowd.
You: Okay. Look_l think that to stand out in the crowd, you need to be yourself. Every person would look the same in similar type of fashion that they would cany in the party. However, if you will adhere to your personality, to who you are and will go in something that suits your personality rather than going with the trend, I am sure you will rock it 
Friend: Hey thanks. II haven’t thought about it You are right I should wear what suits me best I think I have something with me already that would look the best on me Bye

Question. Read the extracts given below and compare the characters on their nature of gratitude towards life.
(A) her husband who uncovered the tureen with a delighted air, saying, “Oh/ the good potpie/
know nothing better than that-,” 
(B) she would think of elegant dinners, of shining silver; she thought of the exquisite food served rn marvelous dishesi She had neither frocks nor Jewels, nothing. And she loved only those things.
Ans. The characters in the extracts are M. Loisel and Matilda who had a very different approach towards life.
(A) M. Loisel was a happy and self-content man. Although he was just a middleclass clerk in Board of Education, he was satisfied with what Life had offered him. He was grateful to God for all the ordinary
things that he had. He didn’t hove any desire or urge to Lead an exquisite Lifestyle. He accepted his reality well and was not ashamed to be who he was.
(B) Matilda was an unhappy and dissatisfied lady. Though she was born in a poor family, she believed she deserved all the Luxuries and riches of Life. She never accepted her reality and was always disheartened at what life had to offer her. She wasn’t grateful to God for anything in Life. Instead,
she always complained to have received nothing from her destiny. She had big desires which were full of greed and riches. She felt ashamed of her poor reality.

Question. Compare Matilda’s life before and after the fateful dinner party.
Ans. Before the dinner party, Matilda Led a frugal life as they did not have too much money and  hence, had no luxuries. However, they did have a maid and other basic facilities. She dreamt of all the extravagances of life and was unhappy as she did not Lead a luxurious Life. But they could still manage to live a simple peaceful Life was full of Love and care.
After the dinner party, Matilda Lost the necklace and her husband hod to borrow large amounts of money ta repay the loans they had taken to replace the lost necklace with a new one. Matilda had to compensate for the Loss by letting go of the maid, doing all chores herself and having no savings to foil back on. She. Led a hard and harsh Life that made her Look much worn out and shabby.

Question. Read the following statement.
lf you tell the truth it becomes a part of your past If you tell a lie, it becomes a part of your future.
How does Matilda’s life change after she tells a Lie about the necklace? Explain in the Light of the statement given above and with the help of examples from the text.
Ans. Matildas life underwent a drastic change after she told a lie about rhe necklace to Mme Frostier. When Matilda lost the necklace, she lied to her friend that the clasp of the necklace was broken accidentally and she had to get it repaired. So, this way she got some time to replace the necklace by buying a new one that looked exactly, like the lost one However, her lie became a part of her future struggles and poverty as she and her husband hod to pay a sum of sixty-thousand francs. The couple
had! to change their lodgings, rent room at the attics and cut down on their expenses and domestic help. They were left with no savings at all and had to work hard to live an economic Life. Had she told the truth to Mme Frostier, she would have known that the necldace was a cheap imitation worth five hundred francs. The truth would have saved her future.

Question. Read the following quote.
“We are too involved in materialistic things, and they don’t satisfy us. The loving relationships we have, the universe around us we take these things for granted”             —Mitch Albarn
Matilda was never satisfied with her life and desired more. The given quote reflects her character. Justify.
Ans. Matilda was never satisfied with her life and always desired more. She was a very materialistic lady. She just loved all things material and had very Less emotions. The fact that she had such a loving and caring husband with whom she had a good, simple life wasn’t sufficient for her. She was greedy and full of lavish desires even when she knew she had no means to fuLfill them. She never accepted her poor reality and was never grateful for all the good things that she had in her life. She
was never content or satisfied with what life had to offer her. She took her husband’s Love, her blessed life for granted. Her greedy and dissatisfied nature Led both of them to Live a miserable Life full of extreme poverty.

Question. M. Loisel was a Loving husband. He tried every method of finding the necklace but to no avail He didn’t blame Matilda for the loss even after that.
Imagine yourself as the writer of the story “The Necklace and write an imaginary conversation between M. Loisel and Matilda if Loisel gets angry on her at her carelessness for losing the necklace.
Ans. Matilda: (tensed) Where is my necklace? Oh no! I can’t find it I have Lost it somewhere. 
M. Loiseb (screaming) What do you mean Matilda? How can you lose such an expensive diamond necklace? Don’t you know itrs borrowed and we have to return it?
Matilda: I am sorry. I have no idea when this happened. I was wearing it the entire time of the party. What should we do now?
M. Loisek What a careless behavior! You are so immature and irresponsible. You couldn’t even handle a necklace.
Matilda: II am really sorry LotseL Please don’t panic I hope it must be somewhere in the party hall
M. Loisel I am going to check it everywhere. Start taking care of things a bit Matilda!