The tale of custard the dragon Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to Chapter 7 The tale of custard the dragon Class 10 English Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 10 English based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 10 English for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 10.

Class 10 English Important Questions The tale of custard the dragon Chapter 7

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question. The poet could have included a burglar or an intruder in the poem, but chose to include a pirate. Explain this choice.
Ans. The poet chose a pirate over any burglar or a thief because a pirate Looks evil and nasty. The way his Leg crippled as one of them was of wood, pistol in both of his hands and a cutlass between his teeth was scarier than a burglar.

Question. How brave were Belinda’s other pets according to her?
Ans. The poet says that Belinda was as brave as a barrel full of bears. Ink and Blink followed lions down the stairs. Mustard was as brave as a tiger in a rage. But Custard was a coward.

Question. What did Custard look like?
Ans. Custard, the dragon, had big sharp teeth,spikes on top of him and scales underneath. His mouth was like a fireplace, his nose looked Like a chimney, emitting smoke and daggers on his toes.

Question. Belinda shares o poston Instagram with the following hashtags
#ln k#Blink#Mustard#B ravehea rts#My family #My world#
She doesn’t mention Custard in her post.
As a friend of Belinda, what would be your advice to her and why?
Ans. If Belinda forgets to mention Custa rd in her post on Instagram then as her friend her, I would
advise her to definitely include Custard in it because he proved himself to be the bravest of all her pets. Even if he wouldn’t hove been able to do so. she should have definitely included him in the post because all the pets should be equoL in the eyes of the owner. No one should be Left out to show appreciation or Love. 

Question. How do the other pets celebrate Custard getting rid of the pirate?
Ans. ‘Mien Custard successfully destroyed the pirate, Belinda embraced him The other pets too celebrated his victory. Mustard, the dog Licked him. Ink, the cat and Blink, the mouse danced around him in circles. They showed their love and appreciation to him in their awn ways.

Question. Describe the pirate who comes through the window?
Ans. The pirate who invaded the house through the window was crippled due to a wooden leg. His beard was block He had a pistol each in both of his hands and he held a cutlass in his teeth. The appearance of the pirate was so frightful and evil It Looked Like he had no good intentions.

Question. Why is it fair to say that Custard could be the ‘poster-boy’ for the belief that the real nature of a person is revealed at times of the greatest difficulty?
Ans. It is true that the nature of the person is revealed at the times of greatest difficulty. Custard could be the best example for the same. ALthough Custard was believed to be the most coward of all the pets, he proved himself to be the bravest of them all when the pirate broke in.

Question. The usage of words like Tealio trulio’ creates a wonderful poetic effect. How?
Ans. The words Tealio trulio’ are used by the poet to bring an amazing comic effect to the poem. The word Tealio’ means ‘really’ while ‘trulio’ means truly’. These wards add humor to the poem.

Question. State the reason you think the poet named the animals Ink. Blink Mustard and Custard?
Ans. The poet named the animals aptly. He named the Little kitten as Ink as he was black, the mouse as Blink as he was smalt the dog as Mustard as he was of a bright yellow colour and the dragon as Custard as he was a soft and timid creature.

Question. Custard humbly accepts that other animals are braver than him. Give a reason to support your stance that humility is a virtue worth possessing.
Ans. Humility is a wonderful human virtue It makes a person humble and wiser. A person who has
achieved something isn’t required to boastabout it as his hard work and success speaks for him.

Question. Blowing one’s trumpet is a well-known idiom. 
Disagree with a friend’s opinion in the context of this idiom.
Friend: It’s important to recount your achievements whenever there’s an opportunity.
People need to know about your qualities, accomplishments andi awards. Always project yourself as superior.
You: Gosh! I disagree. What’s the point blowing one’s own trumpet? You see,
Ans. You: Gosh! I disagree. What’s the point in blowing one’s own trumpet? You see if a person has achieved something, then it isn’t required for him/her to tell tales of his/her own success. His/her hard work, success and development will tell about his/her struggle and achievements on their own Humility and modesty are very valuable assets for a person ta grow.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Question. Custard was discriminated against, bullied and made fun of. Such behaviour often has a  disastrous impact on the victims and etches a permanent scar on their minds. Write opinions of Wanda and Mandela on this issue.
Wanda: In my personal opinion,………….Nelson Mandela: I strongly be Lieve that ……………………………(continue)
Ans. Wanda: In my opinion, bullying and teasing can Leave a person depressed for Life. One might never get his/her self-confidence back. The mocking which seems fun to the doer might destroy the victim’s positive mindset The world is fullL of evil people.
NeLson Monde La: I stro ngly believe that nobody on this planet is born full of hate It’s just the surroundings that make a person bad. However, you are absolutely right that even a small instance of evil oppression or hatredagainst anyone might Leave them scored for Life.
Wanda: Yes sir. I hope people someday will understand this and try to make this world a better place to live.

Question. Describe the incident that showed that the pet who was considered the most coward was actually the bravest of them all?
Ans. In the poem, when the other pets ran away petrified at the sight of the pirate breaking in. Custard charged angrily at him The pirate got so scared of the dragon that to overcome his fear, he took out a bottle of wine from his pocket and gulped some of the even fired two shots at the dragon, none of which hit him. However, Custord bravely attacked the pirate and ate every bit of the his body. This incident of Custard saving everyone from the pirate, showed that the dragon whom Belinda and her other pets Looked down upon as a coward and bullied him, was actually the bravest of them all

Question. Being impressed by Custard’s feat, the young seagulls sister wrote a letter to Custard seeking advice on addressing the situation with her young brother. Write Custard’s response to this Letter. Base the a dvice from his experiences. 
You may begin like this:
Dear Ms. Seagull
Thank you for seeking me out. I’m humbled.Based on my Limited experiences;, I feel—
Ans. Dear Ms. Seagull
Thank you for seeking me out I’m humbled.Based on my Limited experiences, I feel that what a human actually posses in him con only be proven at the times of utmost difficulty. In my case, not only Belinda and the other pets took me as a coward, but also I was unaware of my own courage. It was only when I saw Belinda crying for help on the sight of a pirate breaking inc I knew that I had to do it at any cost So, I without thinking, I charged at the pirate with all my strength. Similarly. I believe that when your younger brother will faced such a situation where he would be left with no choice but to fly, he would definitely take the plunge He was too unaware of the courage he had in himself Like me. But he would soon prove himself to everyone