Amanda Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to Chapter 5 Amanda Class 10 English Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 10 English based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 10 English for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 10.

Class 10 English Important Questions Amanda Chapter 5

Short Answer Type Questions:

Question. Why does Amanda seem moody most of the time? 
Ans. Amanda’s mother constantly keeps a check on her activities and habits and scolds her all the time for correcting her ways of Life. That’s why, Amanda gets fed up and escapes into the world of imagination, so she seems moody most of the time.

Question. What is Amanda asked ‘to do’ ond what ‘not to do’?
Ans. Amanda is asked not to bite her nails, hunch her shoulders and eat chocolates. She is asked to sit up straight, finish her homework, clean her room and clean her shoes. In fact, she is constantly asked ‘to dor this and hot to do’ that 

Question. The reader sympathises with the speaker in the poem. Support this opinion with a reason.
Ans. The read ers of the poem might sympathize with the speaker as she is the mother of a  school going girl named Amanda and a mother can never scold her daughter for wrong reasons. Amanda has bad habits so her mother wants to correct her as an elder.

Question. How would you characterise the speaker in the poem ‘Amanda!? List any two qualities,  supporting the reason of your choice, with evidence from the poem. 
Ans. The speaker in the poem is Amanda’s mother.  She is a nag and Lacks understanding on her part of being a mother. It is clear from the peom that she constantly keeps on nagging Amando for biting her nails, sitting in a Slouching posture, eating chocolates, etc. She doesn’t understand the psychology of her daughter’s mend. In fact, she asks Amanda to stop sulking because she was  conscious of what people might think of her as a mother. 

Question. Why does Amanda imagine being an orphan?
Ans. Amanda is fed up with her mother’s constant nagging and being told what to do. Hence, she imagines herself to be an orphan with no parental figure to control her

Question. Amanda is alone but not lonely in the world she envisions? Justify the statement with reference to any one image she pictures in her mind.
Ans. Amanda often imagines herself to be one of the fictional characters in order to escape from the reality of her mother’s forced instructions on her. One such reference was her being an orphan. She imagined being an orphan who Lives aLone as she has no parents. But at Least the orphan is free to move wherever and with whomever she wants to

Question. Justify the title of the poem ‘Amanda’.
Ans. The title of the poem Amanda’ is apt as the poem solely revolves around the Life of aschool-going girl named Amanda. Amanda’s mother constantly nags at her and instructs her to correct her habits.

Question. Why had Amanda’s mother asked her to look at her while she was speaking to Amanda?
Ans. Amanda’s mother rebuked Amanda sternly for eating chocolates as it would aggravate Amanda’s acne. Amanda was so annoyed at her mother’s repeated instructions and advices that she didn’t look at her mother while she scolded her. Thus, she commanded Amanda to look at her while she was speaking to Amanda.

Question. What do you think is the significance of the exclamation mark in the title of the poem ‘Amanda!?
Ans. The title of the poem “Amanda!” has an exclamation mark in it to emphasize the frustration that the mother of this schoolgoing girl named Amanda is inflicting upon her. The poet has used this exclamation mark with Amanda’s name throughout the poem just to make readers feel that Amanda’s mother called out her name angrily.

Question. Would you call Amanda a disrespectful child? Provide one reason to justify your opinion.
Ans. No, I wouldn’t coll Amanda, a disrespectful child because she didn’t answer back to her mother even after being fed up of her constant nagging. Amanda found a way to escape the reality rather than arguing with her mother.  

Question. What does the line “’never let down my bright hair’ tell us about Amanda?
Ans. The line ’never let down my bright hair” tells us that Amanda longed for freedom and privacy so much so that imagining herself as Rapunzel she wouldn’“ Let her hair down because she didn’t want anybody to come and invade her privacy and freedom. 

Question. What impression of Amanda do you get from the poem ‘Amanda’?
Ans. Amanda is a little school-going girL She is constantly nagged by her parents, especially her mother. She keeps asking Amanda to do this or that but poor Amanda langs to be free and live life in her awn ways. She is fed up of her mother’s constant scolding. 

Long Answer Type Questions 

Question. Why did Amanda imagine being an ‘orphan ? 
Ans. Amanda was a school-going girl who was fed up of constant nagging of her mother regarding her habitsand activities. Her mother kept on telling her what to do and what not to do. Amanda was so frustrated by her mother’s constant blabbering that she thought of being an orphan who had no parents to restrict her freedom. She imagined of wandering on the street bare feet, making patterns on the dusty path with it She was longing for silence and freedom so much so that she didn’t mind being an orphan to get her freedom. 

Question. Read the quote given below carefully. Based on your understanding of the poem, explain how and why this quote can be applied to the poem. ‘ 

Amanda Class 10 English Important Questions

Ans. This quote can perfectly be applied to poem Amanda’ because it’s a fact that what all children do, has been already done by their parents when they were kids. We all go through the same stages of infancy, childhood, teenage and finally an adult What all parents should remember is that they should give their child the same freedom and privacy in life as they themselves wanted from their parents in childhood. Parents often tend to forget that a child is o child. She/he makes mistakes or misbehave at times. However, forced advices ond constant nagging will only make a child defiant Mother, parents should try and build a friendly relationship with their children and provide them sufficient freedom to Live their own way.

Question. What advice might “chatterbox’’ Anne (Frank) has for the quietly imaginative Amanda? Present this as a conversation between the two. You may begin this way:
Anne: Gosh! You do run off into some strange worlds, don’t you?
Amanda’ (nods) Well— 
Ans. Anne: Gosh! You do run off into some strange worlds, don’t you?
Amanda: (nods) WeLL You see its important for me because my mom keeps on nagging me for no reason. I am fed up of her advice.
Anne: If that’s the case J would suggest you to rather have a deep conversation about this with your mom, Amanda. Perhaps, she isn’t getting what you feel at her nagging.  It happened to me with my dad and I had a conversation with him about it After that the problem with the two of us was solved forever.
Amanda: Exactly! If she would have known that her advice and nagging are only making me more defiant day by day, she won’t do it further.
Anne: Yes. So, have a healthy conversation with her. She is your mom. She will definitely understand your take on this.
Amanda: Thanks Anne