Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Class 8 Science Important Questions

Important Questions Class 8

Please refer to Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Class 8 Science Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 8 Science based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 8 Science for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 8.

Class 8 Science Important Questions Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question. “Avoid use of Plastics”. Comment on this statement.
Answer :
We should avoid plastics as far as possible because plastics are non-biodegradable in nature. Once introduced into the environment they cause pollution. If burnt they release poisonous gases. Also the plastic bags thrown in the garbage dumb are swallowed by animals choke their respiratory system and causes fatalities in animals.

Question. Why are electric switches/plugs made of thermosetting plastic?
Answer :
Because thermosetting plastic (Bakelite) is bad conductor of heat and electricity. Because of this property it is used for making electric plugs, switches, plug boards, etc.

Question. Match the columns:

Column A Column B
i) Polyester a) made from wood pulp
ii) Teflon b) used to make parachute & socks
iii) Rayon c) used to make no-stick utensils
iv) Nylon d) clothes do’nt get wrinkled easily

Answer :

(i) Polyester (d) clothes do not wrinkle easily
(ii) Teflon(c) Used to make non-stick utensils
(iii) Rayon(a) made by using wood pulp
(iv) Nylon(b) Used to make parachutes and socks

Question. What is non-biodegradable matter?
Answer :
Those substances which cannot be degraded by the decomposers are called non-biodegradable matter. For example, plastics and polythene bags.

Question. Write full form of PVC.
Answer :
Poly Vinyl Chloride

Question. Write two uses of Nylon.
Answer :
1. Parachutes and ropes of rock climbing are made of nylon
2. Nylon is used in making seat belts and tyre cords.
3. Nylon is used in making sports accessories like rackets.