Some Natural Phenomena Class 8 Science Important Questions

Important Questions Class 8

Please refer to Some Natural Phenomena Class 8 Science Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 8 Science based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 8 Science for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 8.

Class 8 Science Important Questions Some Natural Phenomena

Question. Why do we listen to a sound while taking off our sweater in winter?
Answer :
When we take out sweater, Woolen sweater gets charged due to friction between the sweater and the body. This results in crackling sound.

Question. Give two uses of electroscope.
Answer :
1. It is used to detect the static charges.
2. The nature of electric charges can be determined using an electroscope

Question. What do you mean by lightening conductor?
Answer :
A lightening conductor is a rod of metal placed in a building and connected with the ground below to protect the building from being damaged from lightening. lightning conductor is made of a thick strip of metal (usually of copper).

Question. Why does an inflated balloon rubbed with dry hair stick to the wall?
Answer :
When an inflated balloon is rubbed with dry hair it gets electrically charged due to friction. This electrically charged balloon then exerts a force of attraction on the wall due to which it sticks on the wall.

Question. During lightening it is advised not to stand beneath a tree. Why?
Answer :
If a tree is struck by lighting and a person is standing under the tree, then the current from the lighting may travel down the tree and jump towards the human conductor. It can be harmful for the person standing beneath that tree. Therefore, it is not wise to stand under a tree during a thunderstorm.