Reaching the Age of Adolescence Class 8 Science Important Questions

Important Questions Class 8

Please refer to Reaching the Age of Adolescence Class 8 Science Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 8 Science based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 8 Science for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 8.

Class 8 Science Important Questions Reaching the Age of Adolescence

Question. Write a short note on “Adam’s Apple”.
Answer :
 Adam’s apple: In boys, the larynx grows larger at the time of puberty and can be seen as a protruding part of the throat. This protrusion is known as Adam’s apple. Due to this, the vocal cord becomes thicker and longer which causes the deep voice in boys.

Question. Name the hormones secreted by the following glands:
i) Thyroid ii) Pancreas
Answer :
 Thyroxin and Insulin hormones

Question. What is Menstruation?
Answer :
 The process of discharge of blood from uterus on monthly basis in women is called menstruation. It starts at puberty in the female body and ends at the age of 45 – 50 years. The time period for this is about 2 to 8 days every month.

Question. Write full form of AIDS.
Answer :
 Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

Question. Define Adolescence.
Answer :
 The time period which comes between the beginning of adulthood and puberty is called Adolescence. It starts somewhat at the age of 11 and ends at the age of 18 or19.

Question. Name the glands which secrete the following hormones:
i) Growth Hormone

ii) Estrogen
Answer :
I. pituitary gland
II. ovary

Question. What are methods for good reproductive health ?
Answer :
 To keep good reproductive health, everybody needs to have a balanced diet. The person must also observe personal hygiene and undertake adequate physical exercise.

Question. What are Endocrine glands? Name the master Endocrine glands?
Answer :
 The glands that release hormones directly into the bloodstream are called endocrine glands. These are also termed as ductless glands. Pituitary gland is called master endocrine gland.

Question. What is Menstruation cycle?
Answer : 
The process of shedding of the uterine lining on a regular monthly basis is called menstruation. It starts at puberty in the female body. The uterus prepares itself to receive a fertilized egg on every month. Due to this the inner lining of the uterus become thick and is supplied with blood to nourish the embryo. If the egg is not fertilized, then the lining of the uterus breaks down and get released in the form of blood through the vagina. The time period for this is about 2 to 8 days every month. This monthly cycle is known as the menstruation cycle.

Question. How many chromosome pair are present in human? Name the sex chromosomes present in male and female?
Answer : 
23 pairs of chromosomes are present in human beings. The sex chromosomes present in males are XY and in females are XX.

Question. Name the hormones produced by Adrenal and pancreas gland?
Answer :
 Adrenaline hormone is produced by Adrenal gland whereas insulin hormone is produced by pancreas gland.