The Hack Driver Class 10 English Important Questions

Important Questions Class 10

Please refer to Chapter 8 The Hack Driver Class 10 English Important Questions with solutions provided below. These questions and answers have been provided for Class 10 English based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT, and KVS. Students should learn these problem solutions as it will help them to gain more marks in examinations. We have provided Important Questions for Class 10 English for all chapters in your book. These Board exam questions have been designed by expert teachers of Standard 10.

Class 10 English Important Questions The Hack Driver Chapter 8

Short Answer Type Questions 

Question.’But he was no more dishonest than I’. Elaborate the statement with reference to ‘The Hack Driver’.
Answer :
The lawyer charged a handsome amount from his firm to visit new mullion. He was given some amount to expend in the process of searching Lukens. But he paid very little money to the hack driver.
Bill already knew that the lawyer was searching for him, still, he made him wander here and there, and even charged him two dollars an hour for six hours, including one hour of his lunchtime. This made the lawyer utter these words.

Question. Write the plan suggested by Bill for lunch and state the reason behind it.
Answer :
The lawyer felt hungry and wanted to eat something in a restaurant but Bill suggested him to take lunch at his home cooked by his wife. He told him that it will cost him cheaper than the restaurant because she won’t charge him more than half a dollar. He did so because he wanted to make some money out of it. Secondly, it will take nearly cur hour to go there and have lunch so ho will be charged another two dollars for it. Thus it was a good business for him.

Long Answer Type Questions 

Question. In life, people who easily trust others are sometimes made to look foolish. One should not be too trusting. Describe how Oliver Lutkins made a fool of the young lawyer.
Answer :
It is often seen that those who easily trust others are honest and simple-hearted. They are also the persons who are easily cheated. People take advantage of their simplicity. This is fully agreeable to the young lawyer. He easily trusts the hack driver who is himself Oliver Lutkins. The young lawyer comes to New Mullion to serve summons on Lutkins. But Lutkins traps him in his trap.
The lawyer never doubts on him, though the hack driver tells lies after lies about Lutkins. He tells the young lawyer that he will be available at Fritz’s shop. He takes him there. When he is not there he tells that Lutkins will be at Gustaff’s barber shop. He then takes him to his mother. She is such a ferocious woman that she threatens to burn him alive. Thus Lutkins makes the young lawyer a fool of himself.

Question. Give the character sketch of the hack driver.
Answer :
The narrator met the hack driver on reaching New Mullion. He was Lutkins himself. When he came to know the purpose of the narrator’s visit, he offered help in finding Lutkins at a charge of two pounds per hour. He was a red- faced, forty year-old man having a cheerful and pleasant personality.
He impressed the lawyer by his cheerful and pleasant personality. He was a fun –loving and jolly type of person. He succeeded in befooling the lawyer easily. When he came to know that the lawyer did not identify Lutkins, he introduced himself as Bill. He was neither honest nor helpful. He was very clever.
But he was creative, humorous and witty. He presented the people of New Mullion in an entertaining and humorous manner, reflecting his cheerful wisdom. He exhibited a nice hospitality.