Assignments For Class 9 Mathematics Statistics

Assignments Assignments for Class 9

Assignments for Class 9 Mathematics Statistics have been developed for Standard 9 students based on the latest syllabus and textbooks applicable in CBSE, NCERT and KVS schools. Parents and students can download the full collection of class assignments for class 9 Mathematics Statistics from our website as we have provided all topic wise assignments free in PDF format which can be downloaded easily. Students are recommended to do these assignments daily by taking printouts and going through the questions and answers for Grade 9 Mathematics Statistics. You should try to do these test assignments on a daily basis so that you are able to understand the concepts and details of each chapter in your Mathematics Statistics book and get good marks in class 9 exams.

Key Concepts for Class 9 Mathematics Statistics

• There are two types of data (i) Primary (ii) Secondary
• We can represent the data by (i) ungrouped and grouped frequency distribution.
• Data can also represent by (i) bar graph (ii) Histogram (iii) Frequency polygons
* Class mark of grouped data is lower limit + upper limit /2
* Measure of central tendencies by mean, median, mode.
* Mean (x) = sum of all observations/total no. of observations
If observations denoted by and their occurrence i.e. frequency is denoted by then mean is (x̅) = Σfixi/Σfi
* Median: Arrange the observations in ascending or descending order then if numbers of observations (n) are odd then then median is (n+1/2)th term.
If no. of observations (n) are even then median is average of and th terms.
* Mode: The observation whose frequency is greatest.
* Mode = 3 median – 2 mean.

Class 9 Mathematics Statistics Assignments

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Statistics Assignment Set A
CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Statistics Assignment Set B
CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Statistics Assignments Set A
CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Statistics Assignments Set B

Class 9 Mathematics Statistics Important Questions and Answers

Question. Tally marks are used to find ………….



Question. Find the median of 37, 31, 42, 43, 46, 25, 39, 45, 32



Question. The following marks were obtained by the students in a test.
81, 72, 90, 90, 86, 85, 92, 70, 71, 83, 89, 95, 85, 79, 62 What is the range?



Question. If x, x2……….xn are n values of a variable X such that


n=30, mean = 17/3

Question. In a histogram, each class rectangle is constructed with base as
(a) frequency
(b) class interval
(c) range
(d) size of the class



Question. If the mean of 2, 4, 6, 8, x, y is 5 then find the value of x+y.



Question. The mean of 10 numbers is 20, If 5 is subtracted from every number, what will be the new mean.



Question. Find the mode of following series.
25, 23, 22, 22, 24, 27, 27, 25, 23, 22, 26, 32



Question. Write the class mark of 90-110 group.



Question. Find the mean of first 10 even natural no.



Question. If the median of a series of data is 3 and mean is 2 then find the mode.



Question. If the mean of the following distribution is 6, then find the value of p.
         x    2    4    6    10    p+5
         f    3    2    3      1    2



Question. If the ratio of mean and median of a certain data is 2:3, then find the ratio of its mode and mean.



Question. Calculate the mean for the following distribution.
      x   5   6    7     8   9
      f   4   8   14   11   3



Question. Find the value of p, if the mean of following distribution is 20.



Question. The mean of 5 numbers is 18. If one number is excluded, their mean is 16, find the excluded number.



Question. The following observations have been arranged in ascending order. If the median of the data is 63, find the value of x.
29, 32, 48, 50, x, x+2, 72, 78, 84, 95



Question. Find the median of the following data
19, 25, 59, 48, 35, 31, 30, 32, 51. If 25 is replaced by 52, what will be the new median.



Question. Find the value of x and y in following distribution if it known that the mean of the distribution is 1.46.


x=76, y=38

Question. If the mean of five observations x, x+2, x+4, x+6, x+8 is 11 find the mean of first three observation.



Question. Given below is a cumulative frequency distribution table showing the age of people living in a locality.
Age in years      No. of persons
Above 108                 0
Above 96                   1
Above 84                   3
Above 72                   5
Above 60                   20
Above 48                   158
Above 36                   427
Above 24                   809
Above 12                   1026
Above 0                     1124
Prepare a frequency distribution table.


Question. The marks scored by 55 students in a test are given below :


Question. The mean monthly salary of 10 members of a group is Rs. 1445, one more member whose monthly salary is Rs. 1500 has joined the group. Find the mean monthly salary of 11 members of the group.


Rs 1450

Question. The mean of 200 items was 50. Later on, it was discovered that the two items were misread as 92 and 8 instead of 192 and 88. Find the correct mean.



Assignments for Class 9 Mathematics Statistics as per CBSE NCERT pattern

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Assignments For Class 9 Mathematics Statistics
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