Business Environment Class 12 Business Studies Important Questions

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Class 12 Business Studies Important Questions Business Environment 

Question: Why is environment called dynamic?
Answer: Business environment is called dynamic as it keeps on changing.

Question: Business environment is the sum total of a number of specific and general forces. Which of the following is not a general force?
(1) Economic (2) Suppliers (3) Legal 
Answer: Suppliers

Question: Increase in the use of mobile phones and i-pods in place of paper and radio is an example of which component of business environment?
Answer: Technological environment

Question: Mention some aspects of political environment.
Answer: Present political system, constitution of the country, foreign policy of the government,skill India movement, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan etc.

Question: Name some aspects of social environment.
Answer: Change in quality of life, Place of women in workforce, education and literacy rate, birth and death rates and population etc.

Question: What are the features of business environment?
Answer: (1) All forces are external to the business.
(2) Environment comprises of specific and general forces
(3) Forces and factors of environment are inter-related.
(4) Environment is dynamic
(5) Changes likely to take place in environment are unpredictable.

Question: Give two examples each of specific forces and general forces. 
Answer: Specific forces-Competitors,customers General forces-Political forces, social forces.

Question: Identify the dimension of business environment in the following-
(1) Replacing old machiney with new one to meet the requirements of pollution control regulations.
(2) Availability of e-books
(3) During Christmas the sale of cakes,clothes,gift items increases.
Answer: (1) Legal environment
(2) Technological environment.
(3) Social environment

Question: XYZ Ltd. a book publishing house published books on coding language for kids before any other publishing house could print it.What advantage will this publishing house get?
Answer: Benefits of first mover advantage will be enjoyed by XYZ Ltd.

Question: Business environment differs from country to country and even region to region. Which characteristics of business environment are highlighted here?
Answer: Relativity

Question: List two examples of change in social environment which affects business organisation.
Answer: Customs and belief of people; education system

Question: The positive external trend that will enable a firm to improve its performance, in the context of business is called-
Answer: Opportunities

Question: Why is understanding the business environment so important?
Answer: (1) It helps to identify opportunities
(2) It helps to identify threats
(3) It helps to tap useful resources
(4) It helps to cope with changes
(5) It helps to improve performance

Question: Looking at the severe pandemic situation of Covid-19,the entire education system has adjusted itself with online teaching, online examination, developing creative way of teaching etc. Which point of importance of business environment does it reflect? Identify.
Answer: Coping with rapid changes

Question: Give the meaning of business environment.
Answer: It is the sum total of all individuals, institutions and other forces that lies outside a business enterprise but which may influence the functioning and performance of a business.

Question:Why is business environment called uncertain?
Answer: Because it is difficult to predict future specially when environmental changes are taking place frequently.

Question: Parents are focussing on girl education; number of working women has increased in all fields. State the dimension of business environment with which it is related.
Answer: Social

Question: Teaching learning process through Google meet and Google classroom is related to which dimension of business environment?
Answer: Technological

Question: With change in consumption habits of people, Neelesh who was running a sweets shop shifted to chocolate business. On the eve of Diwali he offered chocolates in attractive packages at reasonable prices. He anticipated huge demand and created a website for taking online orders. Identify the dimensions of business environment discussed above.
Answer: Social environment, Technological environment, Economic environment

Question: What are the dimension of business environment?
Answer: (1) Economic environment
(2) Social environment
(3) Legal environment
(4) Technological environment
(5) political environment

Business Environment Class 12 Business Studies Important Questions