CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Sample Paper Set B

Sample Paper Class 12

See below CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Sample Paper Set B with solutions. We have provided CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English as per the latest paper pattern issued by CBSE for the current academic year. All sample papers provided by our Class 12 English teachers are with answers. You can see the sample paper given below and use them for more practice for Class 12 English examination.

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 English Term 2 Set B

Section A – Reading

1. Read the following passage.

(1) One of the greatest sailing adventures of the past 25 years was the conquest of the North-West Passage, powered by sail, human muscle, and determination. In 100 days, over three summers (1986- 88), Canadians Jeff MacInnis and Mike Beedell accomplished the first wind-powered crossing of the North-West Passage.

(2) In Jeff MacInnis’s words…Our third season. We weave our way through the labyrinth of ice, and in the distance, we hear an unmistakable sound. A mighty bowhead whale is nearby, and its rhythmic breaths fill us with awe. Finally, we see it relaxed on the surface, its blowhole quivering like a volcanic cone, but it senses our presence and quickly sounds. We are very disappointed. We had only good intentions-to revel in its beautiful immensity and to feel its power. Mike thinks how foolish it would be for this mighty beast to put any faith in us. After all, we are members of the species that had almost sent the bowhead into extinction with our greed for whale oil and bone. It is estimated that as many as 38,000 bowheads were killed off eastern Baffin Island in the 1800s; today, there are only about 200 left.

(3) We were on the fine edge. Everything that we had learned in the Arctic over the last 90 days was now being tested. The fascinating and sometimes terrifying wildlife keeps us entertained during our explorations. Bearded harp and ring seals greet us daily. The profusion of bird life is awesome; at times, we see and smell hundreds of thousands of thick-billed murres clinging to their cliffside nests. Our charts show that we are on the edge of a huge shoal where the frigid ocean currents upwelling and mix nutrients that provide a feast for the food chain. At times, these animals scare the living daylights out of us. They have a knack of sneaking up behind us and then shooting out of the water and belly flopping for maximum noise and splash! A horrendous splash coming from behind has a heart-stopping effect in the polar bear country.

(4) We have many encounters with the ‘Lords of the Arctic,’ but we are always cautious, observant, and ever so respectful that we are in their domain. In some regions, the land is totally devoid of life, while in others, the pulse of life takes our breath away. Such is the paradox of the Arctic; it’s wastelands flow into oasis’ that are found nowhere else on the face of the earth. Many times, we find ancient signs of Inuit people who lived here superbly attuned to the land. We feel great respect for them; this landscape is a challenge at every moment.

(5) We face a 35-mile open water passage across Prince Regent Inlet on Baffin Island that will take us to our ultimate goal – Pond Inlet on Baffin Bay. The breakers look huge from the water’s edge.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT questions from the nine given below. 

Question.  What is the passage about?
The passage is about the author’s sailing adventure through the North-West Passage.

Question.  ‘Lords of the Arctic,’ (used in Para 4) refers to the: ________________________.
Polar bears

Question. ‘We were on the fine edge’ refers to: ________________________.
the ominous sail

Question. In how many days was the first sail powered voyage through North-West Passage completed?
The first sail powered voyage through North-West passage was connected in 100 days.

Question. Where was the sailors’ final goal to reach?
The sailors final goal was Pond Inlet on Baffin Bay

Question. According to the passage, what was the effect of the sound that was heard from a distance?
Everyone was pleased to hear the sound. A beautiful whale was seen.

Question. When the whale sensed the explorer’s presence, it _______________.
quickly sounded

Question. According to the estimation, how many bowheads are left?
200 bowheads are left, according to the estimation.

Question. What does the following pictorial represent?

CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Sample Paper Set B

Answer.The change in population of bowheads over the years has been represented through the pictorial. 

2. Read the following passage.

(1) Most of us know that smoking causes cancer, lung disease, heart disease, can shorten life by 10 years or more and can cost a smoker thousands of rupees a year. So, why are people still smoking? The answer, in a word, is addiction.

(2) Smoking is a hard habit to break because tobacco contains the very addictive chemical nicotine. The body and mind quickly get used to the nicotine in cigarettes. Soon, a person needs to have it just to feel normal.

(3) People start smoking for different reasons. Some think it looks cool. Others start because their family members or friends smoke. Almost all adult tobacco users started before they were 18 years old. Most
never expected to become addicted.

(4) Many of the chemicals in cigarettes, like nicotine and cyanide, are poisons that can kill in high doses.The body is smart. It goes on the defence when it’s being poisoned. First time smokers often feel pain or burning in their throat and lungs, and some even cough vigorously the first few times, they try tobacco. Over time, smoking leads to health problems such as heart disease, stroke, lung damage and many types of cancer — including lung, throat, stomach, and bladder cancer.

(5) A survey was conducted to collect views of the people whether smoking should be allowed or not in
public places. The results of the responses received have been depicted in the form of pie chart here.

CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Sample Paper Set B

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX out of the seven questions given below. 

Question. Which diseases can be caused by smoking?
Heart disease; Cancer and Lung disease can be caused by smoking

Question. What is the basic reason for continuing smoking even after knowing its harmful effects?
Addiction to smoking doesn’t let the smokers quit this habit.

Question. Which defence system appears in first time smokers?
The first time smokers burning in lungs.

Question. Which cancer is likely to be caused by smoking?
Lung cancer

Question. State the percentage of people who are of the view that smoking should not be allowed on roads.

Question. State the percentage of people who say that smoking should have a blanket ban as compared to those supporting no restrictions on smoking.

Question. ________________ contains an additive substance called nicotine.

Question. What is the meaning in which ‘cool’ has been used in Para 3 of the passage?

(ix) Why do people start smoking?
People start smoking for different reasons. Some think it looks cool. Others start because their family members or friends smoke.

Section B – Writin

Question.3. Your friend, P. V. Sathish, has invited you to attend the wedding of his sister, Jaya. You find that you have an important paper of pre-board examination on the day of the wedding. Thus, you cannot attend the event. Write in about 50 words a formal reply to the invitation expressing your regret. You are Puneeta / Puneeta Vij, M-114, Fort Road, Chennai. 
M-114, Fort Road
Chennai – 600009
03 March, 2019
Dear Sathish,
It is a great pleasure to receive the invitation to attend your sister Jaya’s wedding. Thanks for inviting me. But I am sorry to inform you that I won’t be able to attend the same as the Physics paper of my Pre-Board examination is scheduled on the same day as of the wedding.
Please convey my best wishes to Jaya and her fiance.
Yours lovingly,

Question.4. Attempt ANY ONE from (A) and (B) given below.
(A) Due to heavy rainfall, the river near your town started overflowing its banks. As a result, your town was flooded. It led to a great loss of life and property. Many NGOs came forward to help the people with food, shelter, and medicines. Write a report in 120-150 words for a local newspaper on the tragedy and rescue efforts. You are Raghav/Ritika.


(B) Sunshine Public School, Pune requires two sports coaches (one male and one female). Each should be a degree holder in physical education as well as an SAI certified coach in athletics. You have seen their advertisement and you know that you have qualifications. Write an application for the job in 120–150 words along with your resume. You are Praveen/Praveena, M–114, Najafgarh, Delhi. 
(A) Flood Relief Programme
— by Raghav
Guwahati, Assam
July 9, 20XX
Due to heavy rainfall, the river Brahmaputra started overflowing its banks. As a result, the capital was over flooded leading to a great loss of life and property.
In an initiative to provide immediate material and trauma relief to the evacuees of the flood and calamity struck victims in our area, the volunteers of various NGOs organized a flood relief programme of which I was an active participant. Ever since incessant rains resulting in heavy floods lashed our area, volunteers of many NGO’s have been working in coordination with the disaster management team to distribute door to door relief material to the victims. For providing material relief, these organizations have been raising funds and have also been conducting trauma-relief meditation for the evacuees. Various teams of volunteers and doctors are constantly providing medical aid and food, assisting in rescue operations and clearing the debris. The united efforts of the NGOs have helped in saving much more lives than were anticipated.


M-114, Najafgarh
5 April, 20xx
The Principal
Sunshine Public School
Subject : Application for the Post of Sports Coach (Female)
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Praveena, a SAI certified coach in athletics. I wish to apply for the position of ‘Sports Coach’ in your reputed school. I came to know about the vacancy through the newspaper advertisement in ‘The Times of India’.
Please find my resume attached for the purpose. I would like to add that I am a very hardworking person with an aim of excelling in the field of athletics. My academic qualifications, age, and other eligibility conditions agree to those specified for the job requirement.I thank you in anticipation of an early response.
Yours truly
Praveena Patel

CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Sample Paper Set B
CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Sample Paper Set B

Section C – Literature 

5. Attempt ANY FIVE of the six questions given below, within 40 words each. 

Question. How did the crofter entertain the peddler?
Answer.The crofter treated him kindly. He offered him shelter in his cottage, gave him porridge for supper. Then, he cut a big slice from the tobacco roll which was sufficient for both of them and offered it to him. The crofter played mjolis, a card game with him and shared his secret with him.

Question. How does Keats define a thing of beauty?
Answer.A thing of beauty never passes into nothingness because it would give us joy which would last with us forever and would never end. According to him, a thing of a beauty, is a source of joy forever and its loveliness increases every moment.

Question. Why was Evans not ready to remove his hat?
Answer.Evans did not take off his hat when Jackson ordered him to do so because he had a plan in his mind. Evans had long wavy hair. He had decided to crop them short so as to impersonate McLeery. But this would have been evident if he had taken off his bobble hat. So, he took permission from Jackson to keep his hat on while appearing for the exam on the pretext that it was his lucky charm.

Question. Why does Mr. Lamb leave the gate of his house always open?
Answer.Mr. Lamb always kept his gate open because he always wanted visitors to come to his house. Mr. Lamb resided alone in a big house and that is why he wanted a companion. He left the gates open so that visitors might not turn away watching the gates closed.

(v) What was the content of the letter written by the peddler to Edla?
Answer.The peddler thanked Edla for all her kindness and for treating him as a captain, which raised him to the status of a captain. He thanked her for bringing about a change in him, reforming him, offering him true friendship and high regard. He also gifted a rattrap as a Christmas present to Edla from a rat who would have been caught in the world’s rattrap, if he had not been raised to the status of captain. He also requested her to return the crofter’s money that he had stolen

(vi) What are the difficulties that Aunt Jennifer faced in her life?
Answer.Aunt Jennifer was a victim of oppression at the hands of the patriarchal society. She was subjugated by her husband and the wedding band lay heavy on her hand. She was so terrified that her hands fluttered even when she carried something so light as knitting needles and wool.

6. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120-150 words each.

Question. Describe Jack’s art of storytelling.
Answer.Jack was a good storyteller. He had begun the custom of telling a story to his daughter for the evening naps two years ago. Every day he made a slight alteration in the basic story which usually revolved around a creature named Roger. This creature always fell into some trouble and went to a wise owl for advice. The owl sent him to a wizard who cast a magic spell to solve the problem.
To make his stories interesting, he would give sound effects to his stories e.g., when Roger Skunk had knocked at the door of the wizard, Jack rapped on the window sill to create an effect. When Roger Skunk reached the house of wizard, the wizard asked him many questions and Jack gave it one of his favourite effects. He scrunched up his face and spoke the wizard’s words like an old man. In the end, when Jo seemed satisfied at Roger getting the smell of roses, he didn’t like it. He made a twist in his story and extended the basic story. He hadn’t liked the expression on Jo’s face which reflected that she thought the story was all over. So, he made a change in the story and narrated it to her

Question. What did Gandhiji do about the social and cultural upliftment of the Champaran villages?
Answer.Gandhiji decided to open primary schools so he appealed for teachers. A couple of his disciples volunteered themselves as teachers. Gandhiji also took help of a doctor. Some basic ailments of the villagers were treated. Not only this, Gandhiji’s wife Kasturba also joined him in this movement and also taught the rules of personal cleanliness and community sanitation to the women. Thus, with his firm determination and persistent efforts, Gandhiji was able to bring changes in the ordinary man’s life.

Question. We have often heard the phrase: ‘Beauty is skin deep’. In spite of that, we often see people idolising actors and celebrities who are good looking and attractive. You have a conversation regarding this with your friend who believes that physical beauty defines a person. Write downthe conversation.
Me : “Beauty is only skin deep” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” can be very controversial quotes to some people. Those quotes are all based on how they are viewed by
 other people. I think that ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ is expressed in many ways by people. If you are not one of those beautiful people in this world then to some people you mean nothing.
Friend : There are people who express themselves by wearing darker clothes, and then there are other people who always wear the trendy and in style clothes. Sometimes you get jealous and say mean things because either you wished you looked like them or you want the things they have. But we were all created differently.
Me : You have to like yourself first for anyone else to like you. Relating to ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ means that people only look at what’s inside that counts.
Friend : People judge people. You look around and think by the clothes or hairstyle this girl wears that she can either not afford them or chooses to be that way. So you think she is poor. Doesn’t she deserve your attention too? I think that beauty is overrated.
Me : People need to look at your mind, your intelligence. Being pretty is not all it’s cracked up to be. Since being pretty has got me a lot of compliments, it also brings in the bad sides of beauty.
Friend : Beauty is all about what is on a person’s insides. Inside beauty consists of the person’s love for themselves, their love for others, and finally their personality. These characteristics help shape a beautiful person. Being beautiful means knowing that you are beautiful. Not allowing others to put you down by making you think or feel that you are not beautiful. Beauty requires having self-respect. Displaying self-respect shows that you love yourself and carry yourselves in a respectable manner. Beautiful people think, say, and do positive things and try to stay away from negativity.
Me : Being able to love others is also another way of displaying beauty. Showing generosity to others, even to those that mistreat you is a beautiful thing. Showing love to others takes courage and sometimes strength when the person is not treating you how you should be treated. Being kind hearted and helping others who are less fortunate than you, shows your beauty as well. It means beauty is beyond skin, it’s in the soul. Social psychology tells us that beauty in fact is not only skin deep. That is, that beautiful people actually are nicer and friendlier. But people who experience little adversity often develop into amazingly uncharitable and self-centred individuals.